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To package apps for the local platform:

yarn package

The packaged app will be inside the release directory.

Building to Multiple Platforms#

First, refer to Multi Platform Build for dependencies.


yarn package-all

To package apps with options:

yarn package --[option]# Example: yarn package --mac

You can debug your production build with devtools by simply setting the DEBUG_PROD env variable

yarn cross-env DEBUG_PROD=true yarn package

Running the Production Version of Your App#

Sometimes it is useful to run the production version of your app locally. This can be done by running yarn start:

yarn start

Debugging the Production Build#

If your production app isn't working as expected, you can use the DEBUG_PROD env variable to build the necessary files and then start the app. It isn't necessary to package the app:

yarn cross-env DEBUG_PROD=true yarn buildyarn cross-env DEBUG_PROD=true yarn start