To package apps for the local platform:

yarn package

The packaged app will be inside the release directory.

Building to Multiple Platforms

First, refer to Multi Platform Build for dependencies.


yarn package-all

To package apps with options:

yarn package --[option]
# Example: yarn package --mac

You can debug your production build with devtools by simply setting the DEBUG_PROD env variable

yarn cross-env DEBUG_PROD=true yarn package

Running the Production Version of Your App

Sometimes it is useful to run the production version of your app locally. This can be done by running yarn start:

yarn start

Debugging the Production Build

If your production app isn't working as expected, you can use the DEBUG_PROD env variable to build the necessary files and then start the app. It isn't necessary to package the app:

yarn cross-env DEBUG_PROD=true yarn build
yarn cross-env DEBUG_PROD=true yarn start