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Electron Store

Using electron-store with electron-react-boilerplate

1. Install electron-store

npm install electron-store

2. Electron IPC Configuration

Electron strongly recommends disabling node integration in the renderer process, which is now the default. IPC is required to securely pass values between the main and renderer processes. You will have to add IPC event handlers which set and get electron-store through the preload script.

Add the following event handlers to your preload script:

const { contextBridge, ipcRenderer } = require('electron');

contextBridge.exposeInMainWorld('electron', {
store: {
get(key) {
return ipcRenderer.sendSync('electron-store-get', key);
set(property, val) {
ipcRenderer.send('electron-store-set', property, val);
// Other method you want to add like has(), reset(), etc.
// Any other methods you want to expose in the window object.
// ...

Add event listeners in your main process:

import Store from 'electron-store';

const store = new Store();

// IPC listener
ipcMain.on('electron-store-get', async (event, val) => {
event.returnValue = store.get(val);
ipcMain.on('electron-store-set', async (event, key, val) => {
store.set(key, val);

3. Add typings

Add the following type defs:

// ...

declare global {
interface Window {
electron: {
store: {
get: (key: string) => any;
set: (key: string, val: any) => void;
// any other methods you've defined...

Now, you can set and get electron-store in your renderer processes:

// ...
onClick={() => {'foo', 'bar');
// or
Click Me!